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This is great. Please don’t take this as an invitation to hate America, take it as an invintation to make it better.

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i love to sleep cause i pretend that im dead, but i hate waking up cause its
hard to forget that ive lost all control of this life that ive held so dear.
and i wait for the bus but im not on the bench, im just spread across the ground
making friends with cement, and hoping that the bus wont miss me when it comes my way

well i made a view jokes but they said they werent funny
and i tried to force a smile but they said it was ugly
and i tried to make a friend but no one was a friend to me.

i poured my heart to a girl and it went on the floor
and i asked what she wanted and she said she wanted more
i tried to find a lover, all i got was an enemy.

i stand in front of the mirror and look at my self. i dont make a sound but my eyes scream out help
and i start to struggle to hold my self back, from thrusting my head straight through the fucking glass
and im tired of falling for girls that dont care, and breaking my back to try to make them aware
that im more than depressed and their time wont be wasted but i am just a broken boy 
that no one wants to play with

now im lost in this whole and im sure i am stuck and i cant run away cause i’m lazy as fuck
so i sit on the floor as i gather my thoughts and their full of broken promises that only piss me off
i lost control when i was only a boy, the world taught me angst, when i deserved joy
now im breaking down as i struggle to breathe, cause i believe in a god who wont believe in me.

Reblogging again because this is fucking incredible. 

* I agree. Bravo. Reminds me vaguely of Bayside to be honest.

These lyrics are fucking amazing. ANDDD I must agree, the guitar parts remind me a lot of Bayside.